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Home of the Old Photographic Website


Open Old Photographic website

Built with Microsoft Expression Web in code and hosted at on a Windows server so that Photosynth and Deep Zoom would work. These are no longer supported and therefore the need for a special environment diminishes. In the process of being retired. This is the raw backup of the retired site.

A lot of it no longer functions as Microsoft has withdrawn Sliverlight, Photosynth and Deep Zoom.

Changes to fundemental Operating Systems have disabled the site in the most part. The site no longer displays correctly nor functions correctly. However, the words are still there which show the intent of the Old Site.


I have found that whilst it still does not render correctly, as it was designed to work on a Windows Platform, it does display better in Microsoft Edge in IE Mode. IE Mode is built into Edge, but does require going into settings to enable it.


Enter the Old site



Use the menus at the top of the page to navigate around this site to find the majority of the Old Photographic Site replicated. Most of the links have been disabled as the destination is no longer in existence. 


Ignore this old, outdated stuff and go straight to the current Photographic site