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Was both software and a free hosting service at When Microsoft declared the it was closing and advising people to download their work I did not realize that there would be other ways to view the Photosynth images. There was for a while, so I missed a trick there. However, I think with the closure of Silverlight, Photosynth may be no more. A least in that form. There is another Photosynth, but is is not as capable. 

I recall going to a statue on the Strand in London, camera to hand.

 This was the place. I took 100s of photos. Around the statue at no more than 15o  separation. Repeat at different levels. Repeat at different zooms. Change direction and walk around again, repeating all the previous. So whilst the first set were straight on the next were more oblique, say to the left of straight on, still at no more than 15o  separation. Repeat again with the oblique, to the right of straight on. All of these could be feed into Photosynth to produce a walk around 3D image.

This is no longer available in Photosynth.

The copy of the old site below has had all the links and images disabled as, the host, no longer exists.

Deep Zoom


Deep Zoom


The old site is below, with the links removed

This is a link to a video of an example of Deep Zoom.

Also, a Demo of Deep Zoom using Hard Rock's Memorabilia Collection Website

Hopefully the videos give some indication of how amazing Deep Zoom was, but it was so much better when it was available.