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Just Photography



A collection of images from around the world

I hope you enjoy browsing the site and watching it develop. More almost every day, currently.

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On page notes and credits

Photo Galleries The photo gallery links frequently open a new site, use the back button to return here or press the ‘Lightroom’ header to return to the home page.

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Ivan's Photos

I have a large number of photographs and videos of lots of different subjects in locations around the world. Some of these have been included in my website, whilst others are in albums or photo books. Explanation and context can be found there, most of the time. Here, it is just the images and the captions. They will have to tell their own story. It is not intended to be an art gallery of superb, pin sharp commercial photos, but you may find the odd one or two that you like.

Photographs, images, and videos

Sometimes I use the word photos very loosely, and include photographs (scanned negatives, slides, and prints, and digital), images, (both scanned and digital creations), animations, and videos. Basically most multimedia, but without the music. (I was told to sit down and be quite in one singing lesson at school, and have not improved much since then)


Let me try to explain why there are so many different ways to display the images.

Internal Galleries

The internal galleries are essentially an extension of my personal website. These galleries are imbedded into the website, are relatively small, and generally about a single subject. They will frequently complement an article in the main website which will redirect to the gallery for additional images. Some of the internal galleries will be purely HTML and are therefore viewable by all browsers and operating systems without additional software. Because of this they should  work irrespective of how restrictive your corporate network, or home set up, is configured. Other internal galleries will use browser add-ins such as Adobe Flash. These will generally display as more interesting and impressive, and sometimes more dynamic. My photo catalogue is run in Adobe Lightroom which is also used to create and publish the internal galleries. I used to use Extensis Portfolio 8, but moved away from it when Lightroom came out. Portfolio has a web publishing ability, as does Corel, both of which I will investigate as a possible additional software resource.

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Gallery Suites

Gallery Suites are much more the mass storage area for photos and videos. They are proprietary galleries developed by others, but loaded either on my paid hosted area or my own cloud. Currently all are either free or included with the hosting. I am experimenting with a number of different galleries on both Linux and Windows operating host systems. Early days but experiences are very mixed as yet, but with all of them have some problem or another.

Found a solution which does not entail the galleries included with the site hosting. It is a dedicated Photo Gallery site called SmugMug.

Skip everything and jump directly to my SmugMug Portfolio. I am currently populating it with over 30,000 photos from my Lightroom catalogue. I will arrange the photos into categories and galleries to aid navigation. However this will still be a difficult task to browse around the site. Look to the Keyword tab to help find specific subjects. The bigger the word the more content there is.

I will also have four featured galleries, perhaps for the latest work and a selection of my best work.

The galleries can be up to 5000 photos but I am trying to keep them below 200 photos each. Especially the travel galleries. The reason being that the map facility can only have 200 tags. I find it very useful to be able to locate the photo on a map easily. The map has a time line facility as well. Another reason for keeping the galleries small is so that I can link them to my travel website in a subject related way.

I hope you enjoy browsing the site and watching it develop. More almost every day, currently.


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Web Galleries

Web Galleries are the simplest to explain. They are the social photo sharing sites such as Flickr and Picasa. Another is @trip, which links to a devise that I have called i-gotU. It records GPS data on a trip and then coordinates with the digital camera timestamp to provide the location of each photograph taken. I have a Bay of Biscay Whale Watching trip stored on the site.

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Silverlight is a very special area of interest. It is not a conventional gallery and utilizes interesting effects to provide a wonderful end result. A lot of development before this element works properly.

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Special interest




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